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Wine Making 101

Wine Making 101

Have you ever wanted to become a wine maker?

Have you always wanted to craft your own special blend for you and your friends? At Vint Hill Craft Winery we give you the chance to make this happen. We provide hands on classes to help guide you from concept, flavor to bottling and label design.

There’s no other place like this — the Washington DC Area’s Only “Urban Winery” where we explore winemaking together and wine appreciation. Our Teaching & Tasting Bar overlooks the entire wine production area — you can sample great wines while you watch every step in the winemaking process.

And for those ready to learn even more, our Vintner program provides the opportunity for individuals and small groups to work side-by-side with us as they craft their own wine. It’s “your” wine with the best Virginia, California or Washington State fruit; your design, your label and, of course your story and passion.

Wine Making options at Vint Hill Craft Winery

1)  Home winemaking classes –   You get to picket the varietal and make 2 cases of wine in a series of 4 classes which occur over about 6 to 8 weeks.   

The next class will be starting in January of 2022.  The cost for next year is $425. + tax.

2) The second option is we have a vintner/adopt a barrel program where you get can make a 1/2 barrel (12 cases) or a full barrel (24 cases) of wine.  You will participate in the process with me.  This would involve tasting and selecting a barrel of what we have in stock, participating in the rack and return process, blending, designing your own label, etc.  There are two variations available:

a) Adopt a Barrel – You would select from the varietals we have in stock right now.  Currently, we have Cab Franc, Petit Verdot or Merlot as single varietals or the opportunity tomake a blend.  Thiswine would be bottled in December 2021 or early January 

b) Vintner Program – You can select the varietal and we will source the grapes for you.  Thiswine would be ready to be bottled in December of 2022.

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